Monday, February 3, 2014

A bit about me and the reason for this blog

Welcome to my closet! In here I will share with you all those things I can not share with those around me in my everyday life and those things that I desperately want to share with someone. One day perhaps I will gain the courage to be honest with the people in my life but for now this is my outlet. You may wonder why I am in this closet to begin with, so here is a little background about myself to answer that question.....

I was raised in a small Texas town by a very religious family in a very religious community. I never quiet felt that I got the whole religion thing. While growing up my friends would be yelling "I believe!" and "Thank you Jesus!" and in the meantime I would look at them and wish I could feel that inner tug to proclaim such things. But in truth I was the one that sat at the back of the church confused as to why things were the way that they are and asking and inquiring about the whole notion of God, Jesus, the validity of the Bible and just being a truth seeker and skeptic in general. I just never could take someone else's word for granted, I wanted proof. Naturally I kept these feelings inside.....until one day I decided to just be honest with my family and friends, and that was huge mistake.

You can read about that experience here.

My 2nd attempt coming out can be read here

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  1. I realize it's an old post but, I appreciate the sharing of your experiences. For me it only reinforces my desire to protect those I love from the hurt they'd feel if I told them the truth. Don't know if I can shield them forever but, for now it seems the best option. It's just that I don't like being deceptive. So it's a help to know others are in the same sorts of situation.