Friday, February 14, 2014

Ranting About My Jesus-ized Newsfeed On Facebook

I have been on facebook from some time but recently I have actually been accepting friend request from all the people I went to highschool with and a few others scattered about from my past. Honestly, I have no idea why I started reconnecting, perhaps boredom. For years I only had family members on my facebook but I started to get a little annoyed with all the "thank you Jesus!" post and pictures. Now, I was born and raised in the south where there is quiet literally nearly a church on every street corner, so the fact that my family is very religious isn't really surprising. What did surprise me was how many people I grew up and went to school with had remained religious or even became more religious since high school.

My facebook page now has most of my graduating class, some college buddies, family members of old classmates and even a healthy sprinkling of past teachers. Unfortunately my facebook page now also includes tons of pages of news feeds from these people with "Click Like If You Love Jesus!" type post and several pictures of scriptures artfully displayed with some sort of computer graphics hoovering the background. At least a handful of times a day, someone is posting something great that happened to them and are thanking God or are telling about unfortunately circumstance they are in and asking for prayers. It is times like this that I wish Facebook would bring back the "dislike" button and maybe even add a new one to show you really really really dislike something, see image above.

I put up with it because I believe in free speech but I often wonder how my "friends" on facebook would react if I posted something like "Click Like If You Think The Bible Is Full Of Shit!".....or maybe posted some of my favorite George Carlin or Richard Dawkins quotes. My guess would be half would unfriend me immediately, a large portion would out right attack me and several would try to "save" me, making me a special project.

The post has no point, just me ranting really. Being a "closet atheist" is hard because I can't really post the things I truly feel and believe. It makes me thinking I should start another facebook page under my blogs name or something just so I can have the freedom to post whatever I want. But of course there is the big issue of the fact that everyone I know is religious sooooo who the hell would read it anyway.

Ok I am done ranting....for it out of my system...for

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  1. I realize your post is over a year old but still made me chuckle. Thanks.